mrApple sp z o.o.

Welcome to the world of Polish fruit and vegetables.

Mr Apple Sp. z o.o. was set up in 2013.

The Company's core business is wholesale and export of Polish apples and other fruit. The company is located in Edwardow, the center of the largest apple production area in Poland. Our region (Grojecki district) is the largest area of ​​orchard production in Europe and one of the largest in the world. The production area covers 60 000 ha, and the annual harvest reaches 1.3 million tonnes of fruit. Approximately 80% of this production are APPLES which have been produced here since the Middle Ages.

The unique microclimate allows the growth of exceptional apples that are well-coloured, with richer red and higher acidity (5%) compared to the fruit grown in other parts of the world. The intensification of production has lead to enourmous infrastructure, a supply base which we want to use for your needs. The company owners have extensive experience in the fruit and vegetable industry. The knowledge gained during the years of production, trade/export and employment in large multinational corporations enables us to meet and satisfy 100% of the requirements of each customer. We work directly with manufacturers, as well as producer groups and agricultural associations. Modern storage facilities (ULO, KA) allow deliveries of crisp apples and other fruit almost all year round. Apples come from producers certified with Integrated Production and GLOBALGAP certificates. Modern sorting line guarantees delivery of uniform batches of apples. Logistics is not a problem, we will deliver apples and other fruit to Russia and every country in Europe, Asia and the Arabian Peninsula. Each order is carried out individually, with the utmost attention. 



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